Rape at BU

Recently, Boston University has been the location of two incidents of sexual assault on campus. Both incidents involved players on the varsity hockey team; you can read about the incidents here:



Now here’s where the plot thickens. 

Boston University has chosen to tiptoe around the issue of sexual violence on campus. In his letter addressed to the BU community, President Robert Brown stated his intent to form a task force to study “the culture and climate of the men’s ice hockey team and its influence on the behavior of student athletes in our campus community”. The full text of his letter can be found here:


Brown refers to the two incidents of sexual assault as “alleged assault”, “reprehensible acts” and “criminal charges”. The terms “sexual assault” and “rape” never appear, and the goal of the task force seems more to dole out blame than address the underlying issue of repeated sexual assault incidences across campus. 

These incidents are not the only cases of sexually-based acts against women at Boston University. At the same time, BU is dealing with incidents of “peeping”; women have reported spotting camera phones held under the shower doors while they were showering. After the third reported incident, Scott Paré, deputy director of public safety and Boston University Police Department deputy chief, suggested that women take “extra precautions” when showering. He suggests that “Roommates and friends could look out for one another in the showers, and dorm residents should always scan hallways and bathrooms for suspicious people”. Again, the responsibility is put on the victims; the full article can be read here:


Boston University’s lack of support for victims of sexual violence is culminated in this next exchange, between Allison McCorgi, a student at BU, and Boston University’s Crisis Intervention Counselors. McCorgi wanted to test the effectiveness of BU’s Rape Crisis line. When she called at 11:36 PM on a Wednesday night asking for resources for rape and sexual assault, she was told: “What? We don’t have anything like that here.” The full exchange can be seen here:


In response, McCorgi stated that she wished to ”hold BU accountable by making sure they don’t blame this on the individual operator & get them to stop airbrushing sexual assault issues on campus”. And yet, in response, Boston University’s Director of Student Health services issued the statement that “the message about availability of services that she received was incorrect and we have further clarified our protocol with our after-hours operators”, pushing the blame onto the operator and not onto an obviously flawed crisis center system. 

As a woman, I am furious. As a college student, I feel insulted. As a female college student at Boston University, I am sick to my stomach. 

Please share this; maybe if it gets enough attention BU will make lasting, permanent changes to its sexual assault mentality.

Edit::I know this issue isn’t isolated to the hockey team, and that the hockey players are innocent until proven guilty. But this isn’t about the hockey team; it’s about how BU deals with violence against women. They look for a scapegoat and bandaid fixes, telling girls to shower in groups, reprimanding the night crisis operators, investigating the “hockey culture”. Obviously there is a wide-spread flaw in the attitude toward women at this school and possibly beyond this school, but no wide-spread solution has been offered. That’s where I have a problem. 

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    Dorm colleges are rape hotspots. Why does nobody know this? You’re safer from rape in a Saigon back alley at 3:00am...
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    I love it when sexual assault is just glossed over and mentioning it is being avoided. I love it.
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    BU students. Read this. Get it out there.
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    YAY BU! I’m so glad we’re making news for htis. not. Come on. Lets get serious. This shit is bad, but stop pretending...
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    Do you know what worries me? The fact that the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” does not seem to exist at our...
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